Yazzy Bag Blue Sport

If you're tired of putting money in your shoes or your house keys around your neck while exercising, get a Yazzy Bag Sport. The compact water-resistant pouch straps onto your fingers and wrist so you can stash a surprising amount of stuff on the back of or in your hand. Cash, credit cards, ID, keys and even an iPod or your cell phone all can be stashed.

  • Water resistant nylon with nylon covered elastic handles and velcro closure
  • Straps to the palm or the back of your hand
  • Store your keys, cash, ID or even iPod in the top zip compartment and the additional side zip pocket
  • Adjustable velcro handles for maximum comfort
  • Reflective stripes for style and security

    Too cute too!

  • Yazzy-BlueRegular price: $16.00Sale price: $10.50

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