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Cake Supremely Rich Bath<BR> & Shower Froth

LOVE it! A supremely bath and shower froth infused with virgin oil de coco creme.

It’s your party and you can suds if you want to! Shower your skin with a parade of rich, luscious and nourishing bubbles for the ultimate celebration. This super-duper delicious blend of pure Virgin Oil de Coco Crème and the delectable scents will leave your skin sensationally fresh, dewy and smooth. Follow with the Supreme Body Mousse for the ultimate indulgence.


Creme de la Creme ~ Cake girls say that it smells like butterscotch ripple ice cream.

Desserted Island ~ Cake girls say that it smells like whipped vanilla icing with a pinch of coconut cream.

It's A Slice ~ Cake girls say that it smells like an orange creamsicle..yummy!

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