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The Natural Cinnamon<BR>Organic Lip Scrub

Say GOODBYE to dry flakey, un-kissable lips and HELLO to soft smooth sexy - and plump KISSABLE lips!

Simply apply a small amount to lips - rub in a circular motion for about 60 seconds - you will notice a slight tingling as the circulation increases in the lips - this will also cause a natural plumping action!
Wipe of any excess - or, it's good for you, so go ahead and lick it off - yummy.
Apply your favorite lip gloss or lip balm, and voila' - Beautiful Plump Gorgeous Lips...NATURALLY! (and did we say it tastes DEE-LISH?

Other Lip Scrubs may contain Petroleum, Parabens, Artificial Flavors, but not The Natural - you can feel good about using this every day! PLUS: With continued use, fine lines on and around the lips diminish significantly. Lips plump and have rich, deep color. Finally, apply your favorite lip balm or gloss - take a look! Beautiful, plump lips - Naturally!

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