Hollywood Fashion Tape<BR>Red Carpet Assortment

30 Pieces of double-stick tape in 5 unique shapes.

As a sign of respect, the red carpet is rolled out to welcome VIPs to those fancy galas. You've no doubt seen it done for royalty on TV and in movies, for celebrities at the Oscar® awards, at White House parties, etc.-maybe you've even strolled down one yourself.
(You are, after all, as VI a P as any of the glitterati.)

'Tis the season again for holiday parties that call for your brightest sparkle as you don your most elegant attire. Then there are the year-round weddings to attend, proms and dances, anniversary parties, fundraising dinners, and so on. There's always an occasion so special you want to look your best!

But life has a way of throwing in little snafus along the way to those soirees. How about the:

  • Not-noticed-until-you're-on-your-way fallen hem?
  • The annoying slipping spaghetti strap?
  • The buckling out décolletage of a strapless gown?
  • The list of potential fashion faux pas, alas, goes on and on.

    But you need never worry about them again. Now, with the Red Carpet Assortment™ you'll face every special occasion with confidence.

    The Red Carpet Assortment contains an array of specially designed double-stick strips, including:

    Trapezoid shapes (4 pieces)-to keep the sides of strapless styles in place
    Curves (6 pieces)-for fronts of strapless styles
    Wide strips (6 pieces)-for heavier garments
    Skinny strips (8 pieces)-for shoe and spaghetti straps
    Original strips (6 pieces) - the immensely popular
    Hollywood Fashion Tape size you've come to count on for a multitude of fashion rescues!

    Armed with Hollywood Fashion Tape's Red Carpet Assortment, we'd wager even fashion critics, who pounce on any pucker, slippage or gap in a gown, will have to acknowledge your cool confidence and well-put-together look. You'll feel like you're walking down that red carpet anywhere you go.

  • red-carpetassort$8.95

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    TIP: "I was on holiday with my girlfriends and was dancing away, when my cute wrap-around mini-skirt flung open because the clasp broke! I simply stuck it together with some Hollywood Fashion Tape and continued to dance the night away!!"

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    TIP: Here's what Jacquelyn recently sent us: "I purchased 2 boxes; 1 for home and 1 for my desk at work. One of my coworkers saw that my blouse was low cut, and as I was bending to pick something up, she says, 'Your blouse didn't even come open.' And I told her what I had under my blouse to keep the "twins" from showing. She was thrilled to know that such a product exists."

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