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Would you "Vajazzle"?

Jennifer Love Hewitt does it and swears it makes her feel just fabulous! The girl next door is doing it for a hot Saturday night out, spas and salons around the globe are doing it to women by the dozens, and sexy wives are doing it to spice up date night with the hubby. So, what is it?

It's Vajazzling. Come again???.

Yes, the art of the Vajazzle is simply "bedazzling" your bikini area with sparkling Swarovski crystals. It's only temporary, as the crystals have a medical adhesive backing which will last on the skin for a few days - even during playtime. We think it might be a good idea to stay on the softer, gentler side, just in case.

So, go ahead and bling yourself - down there -- it's not for everyone, but it is HOT this season. You can choose your look with crystal designs ranging from pretty butterflies to stars, Valentine hearts to Saturn.

If your salon or spa is not offering Vajazzling as a service, grab some friends and purchase a collection from Sparkle Plenty Designs, (or just ask your waxing guru to add this service to the menu, and call Sparkle Plenty - it's a fabulous add-on service).

If vajazzling is a bit too bold a step, you can use the crystal body embellishments on your shoulder, hip, arm, face, etc. - not all body bedazzling need go south for the winter.

Customers, retail shops, spas and salons around the world purchase Swarovski body crystals from Sparkle Plenty Designs, who offers an assortment of sparkling motifs, and can even create customized designs. (Please note: minimums apply).

We say, enjoy a bit of bling this season, and sparkle yourself anywhere you'd like!

Sparkle Plenty Designs Crystal Body Tattoo


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