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★ Your Testimonials ★

A potpourri of your testimonials, GTBY feedback & comments.

Give Yourself Thanks Too!

Pat yourself (YES YOU!) on the back, girl!

Embrace Your Curves: How to Dress in Style

Love your bod - at any size!

Negativity and it's Impact: the difference one person can make

Banish the bad vibes and learn how to be a better version of yourself

Microdermabrasion: How This Service Can Benefit Your Skin

Learn how to care for the skin you're in with Microdermabrasion

Men's Style: A Simple Spa Guide for Men

~ Because guys need pampering too ~

7 Mantras for Becoming a Money Magnet

Want to attract money into your life? Read this!

How to Find a Gift for a Picky Person

Find the perfect gift you're particular picky person will love!

The Power of Thanks

Develop an attitude of gratitude!

Top Ten Tips for Phenomenal Sex

Spice things up, and read on!

How To Be Romantic When You Have Kids

Bring Sexy Back with these Tips!

Romantic Date Ideas

Find out what fun things to do on a date!

Curing Stress Vs. Coping With Stress

Get Rid of Stress Now!

How To Get Rid Of Fat

Learn a few tricks about getting rid of fat

How To Impress Your Date With Confidence

Less stress (and confident) dating!

8 Ways to Turn Your Passion into Profits

A must-read article by Entrepreneur mentor Ali Brown

Would you "Vajazzle"?

Bling yourself sexy!

A Very Inspirational Read

Take a coffee or tea break and read this article today!

Why Regular Massages Are Great For Your Health

Massages not only feel great, they come with health benefits, too!

Bringing out your Autumn Beauty

~ Everyone has flaws -- and they are beautiful.

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